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Is a visual indicator showing the location of an alarm. Annunciators pinpoint the exact location of an alarm or problem. With their help, the alarm user can locate a faulted door or sensor at closing time. In addition, service personnel can quickly locate a system defect.
This is an electromechanical noise-making device. A clapper is moved electromechanically to strike the bell and produce a loud ringing sound.
Control Panel
The control panel is the "brain" of the alarm system. When a detection device of any kind is activated the signal is transmitted to the control panel, which in turn activates the audible sounding device, and the communicator, (if the system has one) to report the alarm. The control panel turns the system on and off via remote arming stations. It also includes the alarm system's power supply and standby battery.
Dual Technology Motion Detector
Dual-Technology Passive Infrared/Microwave sensors use a combination of both microwave and passive infrared technology in combination with AND logic to provide a lower False Alarm Rate (FAR) sensor than either of the sensors independently.


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